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Click the icon above to download it Place: Berlin (after the german surrender)

Each nation has a very large army with the best available
weapons, including JS-3 and M-29 tanks.

Made by (Insurgent77)

Click the icon above to download it Place: Kursk

Last grand german offensive in the East Front to stop the Russian Tide.

Made by (Insurgent77)

Click the icon above to download it Place: Viena (The germans attempt to stop the russian onslaught)

In April 1941 Hitler is assasinated, so Goering takes itīs place. German High Command influence Goering to forget an atack in the East Front, and focus efforts in defeating England, so in June 1941, Germany launches Operation SEALION with the additional forces that were meant to atack in the East as Hitler planned when alive. The invasion of England succeded in 3 weeks, and 7 months later, the whole North African cost has been taken too. Meanwhile in Russia, Stalin continued his plan to build up the Red army, for a future invasion of western europe. Tensions between the 2 new Major powers of europe started to raise, till it became a matter of who atacks first. In October 1942 Russia invades the Reich, fielding over 7.000.000 man. The russian onslaught seemed unstopable till they reached the region around Viena and faced the bulk of the battle hardened German Army.

Made by (Sebagonzalez)

KORSUN POCKET (Stock scenario converted to Multiplayer)
Click the icon above to download it German player must exit 8 units from the map.

Converted by (Sebagonzalez)