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Play PGSE online in the ZONE

1) Download this registry file and run it. click to download

2) Uninstall your Panzer General SE (if you have it installed)

3) Install it in C:\pgse

4) Go to, then go to the Direct Play section and then to the Strategy Lobby. (You must create a Zone account in case you are no already a member).

5) Then try to host a room, and if "Panzer General SE" appears in a little window allowing you to host it, then you did well.

6) I donīt know the reason why i can play with some people and not with other in the normal way. With this i mean...That with some i can start the game normaly, choosing scenario and then running it, with no problem at all. On the other hand, with people you canīt start a normal game, then you must (in stand alone mode), enter the game....go to the multiplayer option....Host TCP/IP the number of players that will play....then select side for the players...and start the game (remember you r starting a multiplayer game but is you against 2, 3 or 4 AI are setuping it). Then in the screen you buy equipment, leave all the preselected equipment the computer asigned you as it is and go to the map.

7) In the map select the Save Game option and name it as you want. (Donīt buy anything if you have a free rooster by the moment).

8) After saving the game exit it. You had just cheated the computer, cause it will now (Dumb of it) think is a game that was already started and wonīt show any problem as when starting an scenario normaly in online mode.

9) Now in the room you created in the Zone, launch the game and instead of selecting a scenario, select a saved game (the one whoose name you asigned previously). Now you can go on without problems.

10) Note that in this mode most players wonīt have the option to deploy itīs forces and select equipment, since the computer has did it for them when the host setuped the game. To be fair, the player who can deploy its forces, must let the computer do it for him (autodeploy option), and donīt change the equipment the computer gave you (of course you can now use the extra rooster slot as you want...if you have one left), cause it would be very unfair. And with the autodeploy option, the computer will follow the same deployment patterns as she did with the other players. Now is fair.

Well, i think that although this is a problem (is not normal), at least you r playing it. And in PG2 preestablished scenarios you canīt most of to deploy your forces and which equipment you recieve, so you will have to manage your strategy with the resources and locations given to you (something a good general would not complain about......although he is a bit furious). And remember that each time you loose a unit, it make a free slot for you to buy the equipment you think more apropiate.

Now, enjoy yourself battling people around the world..and are not playing a stupid microchip you are playing against a brain, so donīt use the same logics you used with tha AI. The thought must be.....what i would do if i was him?.