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Well, we now have another advancement in PGSE. I found that the normal campaign scenarios can be converted in order to play them individualy. To do that just rename the campaigns .scn files to bgs. I saw too that the bgs files uses in their names last character, the number of players for that scenario. For example, i make a scenario with the battle generator, set it for 2 players, do all the rest of the stuff and save it as "Wargame".

Then i go to the GAMEDATA folder and find the scenario i saved is named as Wargame2.bgs

So to convert campaign scenarios to individual ones, number 2 must be at the end of the new name we will assign. I will explain the procedure with an example.

I want to make the first scenario of the Guderian campaign available to be played as single, so i go to the GAMEDATA folder, copy the scenario GMJ001M52_001Scen.scn and paste it in other place. Now i will rename it to "gudfirst2.bgs".

Now i copy the new file to the GAMEDATA folder and thatīs all, you have it ready to be played as single.

The only problem i found is that when i try to play them in multiplayer way, so i can choose the other side, the game crashes after a while. No problem found in stand alone way. Well, this is another advancement, so you guys who read this article, if find a way to make them available to play in multiplayer way without crashes, send e-mail to me or post it in the forum.